M @ The Great Escape & FOCUS Wales 2019

The M team is heading across the pond again to the UK May 9 – 18 and we have reason to celebrate! We come bearing bands and poutine to THE GREAT ESCAPE (Brighton, May 9-11) for the 10th consecutive year, and it will be our first time at FOCUS WALES (Wrexham, May 16-18).

——-> M @The Great Escape // May 9-11

*** M for Montreal showcase and poutine party // May 11
The Walrus (10 Ship St, Brighton)

12 pm – Poutine Party!
12:15 pm – Pottery
1:15 pm – Boniface
2:15 pm – ABAKOS
3:15 pm – Kroy

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M & TGE: A love story <3
The two festivals are connected since quite a few years. In 2006, the famous co-founder of TGE Martin Elbourne (Glastonbury) joined forces with Sebastien Nasra to give birth to M for Montreal. Since 2009, the M team has created year after year showcases to present the best of Canadian up-and-coming musicians in front of industry professionals, on-site to discover the next sensation.

——-> M @FOCUS Wales // May 16-18

*** Québec Reception @ FOCUS In collaboration with The Québec Government Office in London & M pour Montreal // May 16
The Fat Boar (11 Yorke St. Wrexham)
7 pm – Sneak peek performances by ABAKOS & Graham Van Pelt… and poutine party!

RSVP to guarantee you get in!

*** M for Montreal showcasing artists 
// May 16 – 9 pm
ABAKOS @Tŷ Pawb (Flexible Space)

// May 17 – 12:30 am
The High Dials @Memorial Hall

// May 18 – 23:30 pm
Graham Van Pelt @Memorial Hall

More info : www.focuswales.com

Special thanks to our partners!
The Great Escape : Québec Government Office in London, FACTOR and Quebec Creates/SODEC.
FOCUS Wales: Québec Government Office in London and Quebec Creates/SODEC.


Get in the mood with our Spotify playlist, created especially for the occasion. Enjoy!


More details on the showcasing artists: 


The band creates a sound that combines eclectic traces of post-punk, pop, and dance music, forming an unusual atmosphere that envelopes audiences. While often shrill and jarring, Pottery’s songs simultaneously engage listeners into a hypnotic state. It’s this dualism that binds them together, uncovering harmony within discord.



Micah Visser named his band after the Winnipeg neighborhood where he grew up. It was here, writing alone in his bedroom, that Visser forged a sound that would take an indie sensibility and make it glisten, that found its way to a new kind of 21st century pop.  




Congolese-Canadian artists Pierre Kwenders and Ngabonziza Kiroko of ABAKOS borrowed their name from the fraught political history of the DRC: An Abakos was originally the Mao-inspired suit which Mobutu Sese Seko made standard for the country in his efforts to counteract European influence in the 70’s. But the reference is tongue-in-cheek, and the project is more informed by the duo’s past than about it. The music is beautiful and forward-facing, with resonant lyrics about hope, love, and change.  




Behind the stage name KROY is Camille Poliquin. Drawing influences from both trip-hop (Goldfrapp, Portishead) and modern pop (Vampire Weekend, Youth Lagoon). Her album proves to be more eclectic and personal than Camille’s previous work, reflecting her bold and brilliant pop explorations.    



Time Travel is a renewal of Van Pelt’s vows with dance music, and with the genre’s pulse of synthesized melancholy. It’s a heartrending rush, as emotionally direct as a sweaty, jaw-clenching 3am hug.   



This Montréal psychedelic pop band have released 5 albums and toured North America and the UK. Their melodic sensibility is rooted in 60s classics but infused with dream pop, new wave and folk influences, winning praise from the likes of Brooklyn Vegan, NME and All Music Guide.